What A Year! for middle and high school students and teachers

What A Year! explains a biomedical research breakthrough each month of the school year and gives some information about the people behind it. You can learn what’s going on in your scientific back yard, and to dig a lot deeper if you want.

Right now, someone is announcing a new insight or a new discovery that could have a […]

Love, Care, Progress!

Our friends at Americans for Medical Progress recently premiered “Love, Care, Progress!,” a new video highlighting the importance of animals in research and the high standards of care they receive. In it, research professionals – including a trainer, scientist, animal behaviorist, surgical manager and veterinarian – talk about caring for the animals in their charge, and their pride in the progress made possible in studies with these animals.

29th Annual MSMR Student Competition

29th Annual MSMR Student Competition

January 1 @ 8:00 am - April 30 @ 5:00 pm