Chapter One Quiz

1. Question

When are model species used in biomedical research?

2. Question

What percentage of animals used in research is comprised of non-human primates?

3. Question

Why was living nerve tissue required for the development of the Polio vaccine?

4. Question

What is the common stance that guides IACUC review of proposed research?

5. Question

In what year was the Animal Welfare Act first established?

6. Question

In what year were IACUCs first made a requirement in the Animal Welfare Act?

7. Question

What two areas of the US government are involved with regulating animal use in research?

8. Question

Which of the following is part of the framework for governing the use of vertebrate animals in research funded through the National Institutes of Health?

9. Question

What does the IACUC’s non-affiliated member represent?


10. Question

From the list below, who could take on the role of non-affiliated IACUC member?

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