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Compassion Fatigue Prevention: Maintaining Self While Making a Difference

Can we prevent compassion fatigue? Yes and No. No, in that compassion fatigue is a normal consequence of your work; it’s a normal consequence of caring for others.

But Yes you can raise your awareness, gain information and tools that can have a substantial positive affect on your experience of working in biomedical research.

This webinar will focus on raising your awareness of compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, moral stress and burnout while also offering you a plethora of tools with which to cope with the emotional aspects of working with lab animals.

These tools will provide you with the necessary elements for sustainability in your work, empowerment, rejuvenation and replenishment. You deserve this!

Who should attend: Those in direct contact with laboratory research animals, anyone else looking for relief or struggling with compassion fatigue or thinks they might be …

Our Webinar Leader: 

Julie Squires is a Compassion Fatigue Specialist who brings a unique perspective and approach to support the sustained energy and passion of caregivers – various types of professionals exposed to highly stressful and traumatic environments. She does this in a very distinct way, by empowering them to help themselves through easy-to-implement yet powerful daily practices.

Julie’s approach is a direct response to a need she’s identified over the years, through a rare blend of work experience within the veterinary industry. From the oversight of organizational training and coaching with Nestlé Purina to direct experience as a veterinary technician and hospital administrator, Julie believes that the costly impact of compassion fatigue – the well-being and sustainability of both the provider and organization – is both avoidable and reversible.

Julie has over twenty years of experience within leading organizations, developing and executing training, workshops and 1:1 coaching, including Nestlé Purina, Bayer Animal Health and IDEXX Laboratories. She is a graduate of SUNY Oswego and a Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist through Green Cross Academy of Traumatology. Julie has also completed training from The Figley Institute, TEND Academy and Traumatology Institute. Julie’s clients also gain from her experience as a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Corporate Wellness Specialist.

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