Massachusetts Society for Medical Research (MSMR) History

Founded in 1953 by, incorporated and granted 501(c)(3) status in December 1982. The initial reason for formation of the Society (which is the oldest such organization in the country) was to modify proposed Massachusetts legislation that would have severely hampered medical research and education using animals.

By the time it was incorporated, the focus has expanded to include elementary and secondary education, professional development training for researchers, and outreach to the public and the media about science education, the use of animals in biomedical research, and other topics such as the harmonization of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees and Institutional Biosafety Committees, as well as monitoring legislation.

Starting in the 1990’s MSMR expanded its membership base to include member organizations in all six New England states and New York. To reflect this geographic reach, we have added the phrase “Supporting Biomedical Sciences in New England” to our logo. MSMR is a founding member of States United for Biomedical Research, an umbrella of like-minded organizations across the country.

As part of our efforts, we have produced collaborative professional development workshops on a variety of topics with our peer groups in Arizona, California, Oregon, Ohio, New Jersey and North Carolina. MSMR staff are active in the New England Branch of AALAS and in 2015 MSMR was elected a member of AAALAC. Also starting in 2015, MSMR created a no-fee membership category for high schools in order to strengthen its work in secondary education.