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MSMR’s motto is Supporting Biomedical Sciences in New England. For the benefit of our members, educators and the biomedical research community, this section of the website offers links to many specialist websites focused on topics of great importance. The links here will:

  • Help you learn more about biomedical research and the regulations that govern it
  • Connect you with resources dealing with research ethics and
  • Inform the specific needs of IRBs, IBCs and IACUCs
  • Provide information about the legislatures and legislative process across New England
  • Show you other research support organizations around the country

Please let us know of websites that we should consider adding to our resources, and please let us know of any dead links –

And here is a Love Letter to the researchers, veterinary technicians, veterinarians and animal caretakers who work with and care for the animals in biomedical research. It’s from a little girl who is now “part horse.”