MSMR produces, co-produces and sponsors a variety of events. These include professional development training programs, recognition and awards ceremonies, and industry meet-and-greet gatherings. Our events range in size from a dozen colleagues around a conference table (for example, Legislative Lunch-and-Learn) to more than 200 in a conference setting (Laboratory Animal Enrichment Symposium). Some are on-line training programs (Introduction to IACUCs) but most are in-person. New England is our home and the majority of our events are here, but we occasionally collaborate with peer organizations from States United for Biomedical Research and present our programs across the country.

Our venues include member sites and conference centers. Programs are developed by MSMR staff and committed volunteers, who also recruit regionally, nationally and internationally recognized experts as speakers, teachers and session leaders.

To learn more about our events – and about hosting, collaboration and sponsoring opportunities – please check out the pages in this section.