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Double HelixThe Massachusetts Society for Medical Research (MSMR) is the nation’s oldest biomedical research support organization. We have a special focus on the use of animals in research.

The Society’s mission is: To promote and enhance biomedical and biological research, including the humane care and use of animals, for the improved health and well-being of people, animals and the environment.

To implement this mission, we foster better understanding of biomedicine by improving basic literacy in, and
enthusiasm for the life sciences among the public, the media, legislators and future generations of citizens and scientists.

Services to Members

  • Professional development seminars and workshops with a focus on IACUCs, IBCs and other oversight committees, communications,
    and security
  • Focused training for IACUC community members
  • Customized programs and workshops on-site for member organizations
  • Legislative and regulatory monitoring for issues that affect research in New England, including issues affecting animal research
  • Security tracking and updates, particularly with regard to animal rights extremism
  • Contact with journalists on stories of importance to our members and mission
  • Counseling on matters of security and crisis communications preparedness and response for members of the research institution’s management, public relations and animal care teams.
  • Pertinent news and information through e-alerts and the monthly MSMR e-UPDATE
  • Free job posting service

Services to Students, Teachers and the Public

  • Outreach and education about animal research via presentations, letters to editors, conferences
  • The award-winning What A Year! on-line science series for middle- and high-school students
  • Classroom materials created by us and others
  • Speakers for schools, conferences, professional meetings
  • Annual student essay/poster/webpage contests
  • Background and contacts for journalists

Eligible organizations include research institutions, schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, professional associations, organizations supporting research, contract research organizations and other organizations that endorse the mission of the Society. All employees of a member organization are considered MSMR members.

Membership is activated upon submission of the prospective member’s dues payment and approval by MSMR.

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For more information on membership, call the MSMR office at 978-251-1556 or e-mail us a