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THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2020 4:00 PM
ERIN SPOFFORD, BS, LAT, SRT, Scientist, LAR, Merck Research Laboratories – Boston

The focus on individual goals of functional teams and/or therapeutic areas is very motivating and powerful; but this intense focus may inadvertently create distance between groups. As communication between groups breaks down, researchers may become disconnected to other resources and expertise, missing collaborative opportunities to improve workflows and efficiencies that may meet goals faster while maintaining the highest of animal welfare standards. We sought out to restore and foster collaboration and communication by creating a platform in which people from different therapeutic areas can come together to learn about the one common bond that likely brought them to science in the first place; innovation!

ABOUT ERIN … Erin Spofford B.S., LAT, SRT, has 14 years of preclinical research experience at Merck, Novartis and Charles River. A proud alumnus of Mount Ida College, she graduated with honors earning her bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology. Currently a scientist at Merck, she has a diverse background in biomedical experimentation, study coordination, surgery and model development, novel technical procedure development and implementation, veterinary care, welfare advocate and a passion for innovation.