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THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 2020 4:00 PM
GORDON YEE, Marketing Director, ANCARE 3 QUESTIONS …
The scenario: You’re are a wedding, a neighborhood party, a bar, etc., and you’ve met some new folks. Then, the question comes up: “So – what do you do?” What do you tell them? That you work at a university/hospital? You work in a lab? That you’re a veterinarian or technician? Maybe it’s time to just go ahead and say it… “I work in Lab Animal Research!” Chances are that they either support research or are at least willing to learn more. If they are willing to learn more, then you can be the one to teach them! All that you need to do is be ready to answer the 3 most common questions.

ABOUT GORDON … Gordon spent the first half of his career on the Light Side of animal research, working as a Lab Animal Technician throughout several facilities in Montreal, Canada. In 1999, he came to the Dark Side, as the Canadian Sales Representative for Ancare. In 2008 he became their Marketing Director. He is an avid public speaker and member of Toastmasters, he has spoken at several conferences and symposia, including ILAM, LAMA, several AALAS branches and CALAS events. He is a Past President of CALAS and currently sits as the Chair of the ILAM Committee. In his free time, he even likes to compete at public speaking!