Honorees with MSMR Board Chair Bill Barbo

Honorees with MSMR Board Chair Bill Barbo

On Friday, October 21st, MSMR held its 10th annual Biomedical Research Day celebration. This year we recognized five individuals whose work has furthered biomedical research in Massachusetts, New England and the world.

This year’s Honorees are:

Diana Bianchi, MD “We honor her for her for her innovative work at the forefront of pediatrics, genetics and metabolism research, particularly with an emphasis on non-invasive research.”

Michael Ehlers, MD, PhD “We honor him for his leading role in neuroscience discovery and in bringing new therapies from the laboratory to the patient.”

Linda Griffith, PhD “We honor her for her work in the under-researched area of endometriosis and for her fundamental contribution to the science and building of organs on chips.”

Celia Schiffer, PhD “We honor her for her research and for her teaching, mentorship, and leadership in bringing underrepresented minorities and women into science.”

Brian S. Dempsey “We honor him for his commitment to funding, supporting and furthering the biomedical research enterprise in the Commonwealth.”

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