What Is It? How Can I Use It Free?

The American Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences (AALAS) is a professional association for people who work with laboratory animals.

AALAS has created a variety of teaching and learning tools to help laboratory animal workers learn more and improve their skills. An on-line toolbox is called The AALAS Learning Library (ALL) and it includes lots and lots of courses for people at all stages in their careers, from the very beginning to the very advanced.

Most of the ALL courses require paying a fee, but AALAS has made a number of them available free!

By trying a free course you can gain firsthand knowledge. We think it’s a great way to jump into the ALL and learn more about laboratory animal work.

Free Courses

In any library, you may access for free one or more courses. You must be enrolled and logged in to the AALAS Learning Library, but you do not need to purchase an account.

Once you have enrolled, to access the free courses in any library, select the Free Courses track. To select a course or exam, click on the course title link. Then on the next page, click on the course or exam link below the lesson list.

Please note: Completion of a free course does not generate data for a transcript, EXCEPT in the JAALAS CEU Test library. To receive CEUs and transcript documentation for all other courses, you must have an active account., in which case all courses and exams will have active links and your training will generate transcript records and CEUs.

When you purchase an account to the Animal Care and Use Library, your transcript will include your training records from your activity in the free courses.